Libro de la anathomia del ho[m]bre. Bernadino MONTAÑA DE MONSERATTE.

Libro de la anathomia del ho[m]bre.

Valladolid: Sebastian Martinez, 1551.

First edition, and a very fine copy, of the first separate, and first illustrated, anatomical work in the vernacular printed in Spain. “While Valverde di Hamusco’s Historia de la composicion del cuerpo humano (1556) is often credited with introducing into Spain the Vesalian anatomical iconography coupled with a vernacular text, this honor actually belongs to Montaña...
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Opuscula anatomica. Bartholomaeus EUSTACHIUS.

Opuscula anatomica.

Venice: Vincentius Luchinus excudebat, 1564.

First edition, very rare, of one of the most important of all anatomical books. It includes the first specific treatise on the kidney, the first account of the Eustachian tube in the ear, the first description of the thoracic duct, and the Eustachian valve, as well as the first systematic study of teeth. The fine...
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Logisch-philosophische abhandlung. Ludwig WITTGENSTEIN.

Logisch-philosophische abhandlung.

Leipzig: Verlag Unesma, 1921.

Exceedingly rare first edition, and a remarkably fine copy, of the book later published as the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1922) – arguably the most important philosophical work of the twentieth century, and the only book by Wittgenstein published in his lifetime. “The Tractatus is a comprehensive work of extreme originality” (Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Vol. 8, p. 329)...
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Principia mathematica. Alfred North WHITEHEAD, Bertrand RUSSELL.

Principia mathematica.

Cambridge: at the University Press, 1910-12-13.

First edition of all three volumes of this monumental work. Complete sets of the first edition which, like ours, are not ex-library, are very rare on the market – only two such copies have sold at auction in the past 25 years. Probably named after Isaac Newton’s great work, “Principia Mathematica was Whitehead and...
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