Ptolomaei Planisphaerium. Jordani Planisphaerium. Federici Commandini Urbinatis in Ptolemaei Planisphaerium Commentarius. In quo universa Scenographices ratio quam brevissime traditur, ac demonstrationibus confirmatur.

Venice: Aldus (Paolo Manuzio), 1558. First edition, with Commandino’s commentary, of the treatises on stereographic projection of Ptolemy and Jordanus, but also including Commandino’s own treatise on perspective which “is remarkable in that it is the first example of an entirely geometrical and rigorous approach to perspective” (Andersen).

First edition of Commandino's commentary. The Greek text of this writing by Ptolemy on stereographic projection is lost, a Latin version appeared in Basel in 1536, but this is the first separate and best edition, translated from the Arabic and edited by Commandino with his commentary. The 'Planisphaerium' concerns the stereographic projection of the celestial sphere on a plane with the south celestial pole at the center, a technique which Ptolemy used for mapping points in the heavens on the plane of the equator. In working with this projection and conic sections, Commandino noticed that conic sections can be considered sections in visual cones or perspective images. This inspired him to include in his work a study of perspective which occupies the first nineteen leaves of his commentary, and represents one of the earliest mathematical formulations of a method already widely employed by artists. (For a detailed account of this work see Andersen's The Geometry of an Art, pp.138-145). Houzeau & Lancaster 769; Riccardi I, 360.1; Adams P-2242; Sarton I, 277 and II, 616; Renouard 173.4; STC 543.

Two parts bound in one volume (as issued). Small 4to: 211 x 156 mm. Contemporary limp vellum. ff. 3, (1:blank), 37, (1:printers device); 28. [complete].

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