Technica curiosa, sive mirabilia artis, libri XII. comprehensa; quibus varia experimenta, variaque technasmata pneumatica, hydraulica, hydrotechnica, mechanica, graphica, cyclometrica, chronometrica, automatica, cabalistica, aliaque artis arcana ac miracula, rara, curiosa, ingeniosa, magnamque partem nova & antehac inaudita, eruditi orbis utilitati, delectationi, disceptationique proponuntur?

Nürnberg: Jobus Hertz for the heirs of J.A. and W. Endter, 1664. First edition.

A very good and fully complete copy of “one of the most complete accounts of the physical experiments and technological inventions of mid-seventeenth-century science, especially valuable for its description of Guericke’s research with the vacuum pump [illustrated here for the first time, see below] and for the first appearance of Guericke’s letters to Schott (1661-62). Also described are Boyle’s experiments with his vacuum pump … Accounts are given of early investigations with the diving bell, Torricelli’s experiments with the barometer, perpetual motion, chronometry, thermometers, and many other subjects A richly illustrated treasure house in the history of physical sciences.” (Neville Library).

Norman 1911; Barchas 1890; Stanitz 41; Wheeler Gift 155bis; Jesuit Science in the Age of Galileo 35; Honeyman 2826; De Vitry 758; Bibliothèque Jean-Louis Mosès 158.

“The most famous of Guericke’s public experiments is the one of the Magdeburg hemispheres, in which he placed together two copper hemispheres, milled so that the edges fit together snugly. He then evacuated the air from the resulting sphere and showed that a most heavy weight could not pull them apart. Contrary to legend, the demonstration was performed with a team of horses for the first time in Magdeburg in 1657 (not Regensburg in 1654) and repeated at court in Berlin in 1663. Guericke also made other, less dramatic, public demonstrations of the effectiveness of air pressure on several occasions in Regensburg; these Regensburg experiments were reported by Gaspar Schott in Mechanica hydraulico-pneunmaica (1657) [but without the famous illustration] and Technica curiosa (1664) [with the famous plate which Guericke’s himself published later in 1672], and were supplemented with additional information that Guericke communicated by letter.” (DSB under Guericke).

“Schott first published what had originally been intended as a brief guide to the hydraulic and pneumatic instruments in Kircher’s Roman museum, expanding it into the first version of his Mechanica hydraulico-pneumatica [1657]. But he added as an appendix a detailed account of Guericke’s experiments on vacuums, the earliest published report of this work. This supplement contributed greatly to the success of Schott’s compendium; and as a result he became the center of a network of correspondence as other Jesuits, as well as lay experimenters and mechanicians, wrote to inform him of their inventions and discoveries. Schott exchanged several letters with Guericke, seeking to draw him out by suggesting new problems, and published his later investigations. He also corresponded with Huygens and was the first to make Boyle’s work on the air pump widely known in Germany. Schott repeated Guericke’s experiments, and later those of Boyle, at Würzburg, as well as some medical experiments on the effects of intravenous injections.” (DSB under Schott).

“The first two sections [pp. 1-181] of Technica curiosa are devoted to aerostatic researches of Guericke and Boyle, and the treatise ‘Mirabilia chronometrica’ gives the first description of a universal joint and a classification of gear teeth.” (Norman).

2 parts in 1 volume, thick 4to (202 x 160 mm), contemporary vellum, entirely unrestored, a light marginal damp stain throught most of the first part, otherwise fine and clean, corner of page 447/448 with paper flaw (just effecting the catch word, no text loss), fully complete with all 64 engravings (including the engraved title, portrait, and coat of arms), pp [42: including half-title, engraved title, letter press title, portrait frontispiece, and full-page coat of arms] 1-579 [1:blank]; [2: part title] 583-1044 [14: index] [2: catalogue of Schott's publications]. "Rare in good, complete condition." (Mosés sale).

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